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Someone’s in the Room

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Fear, God's Presence

You walk into a room and you sense that someone’s in there. You check the closet, behind the couch, everywhere-no one. You’re sure you heard something-but nothing. You easily forget about it as you begin to make dinner. But still the thought lingers.

When God shows up we have a sense that something is different and alarms are going off in our heart as we think about what it means for him to really be there.

Do you think God shows up in your life but you don’t sense anything? What would that mean?

If we are sure Jesus is present in the room, or on the walking path, or in the apartment it may cause a holy fear in us but it will eventually be replaced by “peace be with you.” Check Luke 4:31-35; 8:42-48 and John 14:27.

Why is being or playing it “safe” the accepted mantra of many Christians today? Jesus was always in tight places and disappearing in crowds because what he told people disturbed their safe religious games.

The early followers of Jesus were so captivated by the truth Jesus filled their hearts with that they were more than willing to risk their reputation, being misunderstood or losing their lives in order to make a difference in their culture.

Following Jesus or our culturally accepted  lifestyles are in direct opposition. Check out an early Rock Star who followed Jesus in Acts 14: 1-7 and 19-20. Have you dodged any stones lately?

Deadly Distractions

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Distraction, Lifestyle, Purpose

“It seemed so innocent.”  “I really loved that.”  “I get so excited about it, I forget everything else.” Ever say any of these? What’s wrong with chasing something with enthusiastic passion? Maybe nothing unless… unless that passion is stronger than your passion for Jesus. A passion for anything that is stronger than a passion for Jesus will ultimately ruin your life. Colossians 3:2 speaks to our focusing on what matters rather than trash (also known as distraction). What has consumed your energy this week? What distractions are there in your life?

How far away from something do you have to be to not clearly see it? We can solve some distance things with glasses but some perspectives are much more difficult to see or change. Or have you ever opened a door and thought “this doesn’t look right?” Do you have the courage to ask questions and really want answers that might be too hard to accept? When Jesus calls a person to follow him, everything changes if we understand what it means. Or does it? When you look at what church is today in America, do you ever wonder if this is what Jesus had in mind for those who would follow him? Give some time to think about Luke 4:14-21 or 5:10 and maybe 9:23.

My Computer Just Shut Down

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Lifestyle

When there is a break in a connection, nothing works as it is intended to. This can be with a computer, mobile phone or living as a Christian. Today there is almost a complete disconnect between what we say we believe about Jesus and how we live. 

John 13:17 says it clearly. To know what Jesus says but not do it is spiritual abortion. Why do we think we have to think about or rationalize what Jesus said before we do it? Why not practice one thing this week you know God has spoken to you about?

This begins an adventure of posting ideas and thoughts that I believe will encourage people to pursue the journey of following Jesus, challenge people to become serious about the culture wars we face and help people in their disciple making skills and perspectives.