Someone’s in the Room

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Fear, God's Presence

You walk into a room and you sense that someone’s in there. You check the closet, behind the couch, everywhere-no one. You’re sure you heard something-but nothing. You easily forget about it as you begin to make dinner. But still the thought lingers.

When God shows up we have a sense that something is different and alarms are going off in our heart as we think about what it means for him to really be there.

Do you think God shows up in your life but you don’t sense anything? What would that mean?

If we are sure Jesus is present in the room, or on the walking path, or in the apartment it may cause a holy fear in us but it will eventually be replaced by “peace be with you.” Check Luke 4:31-35; 8:42-48 and John 14:27.

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