A College Degree in Three Months

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Disciple Making, Discipleship

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could study hard for 3 months and then take a 3 1/2 year trip around the world with your diploma under your arm? Not going to happen. If you want the degree, get ready for many long nights and many opportunities to bail on the whole deal. No one would think this is possible but then think about the whole idea of  discipleship or disciple making.

 Shortcuts to being a committed disciple and disciple maker would never sleep in the same bed. When Jesus told the original gang to teach others to practice everything he taught and modeled to them, that would include teaching others to do the same thing. Check Matthew  28:18-20. By the way, Jesus spent about 3 years with these guys.

Then Paul added in writing Timothy that Tim should entrust what he learned from Paul to those who would keep the whole deal moving forward to the 21st century and beyond. 2 Timothy 2:2. Not sure how much time Paul spent with Timothy but they travelled throughout Asia and who knows where else. 2 Timothy 3:10 & 11 detail some of their time together.

Does your life reveal that being and making disciples is an option to consider or are you involved in the life of someone helping them learn how to make a difference while they are on this planet? Who could help you get started?

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