You Don’t Have to Leave

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Church, Perspective

For some situations and some places in the world change is required to participate in an event. A summer military boot camp requires you to leave your shorts and flip flops behind as well as your secure location and enter a strange “what the spank is going on” situation you are not used to.

Some of our  kinds of rules should not apply to being involved in church. We really need to understand that you do not have to leave your culture for another one in order to be involved in church.

Debates about religious practices are usually a waste of time. The early church often met where people could easily drop in with the clothes they wore every day and even a glass of wine or some food. It is better when God writes the rules and not us. Romans 16:5 is an example of where a church of early Christians and perhaps not yet Christians met. Some of the most effective churches today meet under bridges of interstate highways. These churches are packed with people who might be looked on with suspicion or prevented from entering the building.

Are we making more opportunities for people to be involved with Jesus or making their decision to sleep in easier?

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