Sleeping With the Enemy

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Culture, Evangelism, Following Jesus, Lifestyle, Risk

“He’s such a popular guy, everyone likes him, I can’t wait until he gets here, and the jokes he tells…”-quote seen  in the Jerusalem Post  in  AD 32. Wait, who are they talking about? “This guy has to be stopped, he is ruining everything we have tried to build and he discredits our tradition…and us, look who he is hanging with now.” Now, who said this?

One thing is certain-Jesus was loved or hated. There was no middle ground. He never allowed that. He cared too much for those looking for a way out of the multiple jails they had been put into by the religious people of their day as well as what life had dictated. They knew he didn’t approve of their lifestyle but he always showed up at “happy hour” to be with them.

To make an impact with people outside of the Christian sub-culture we are going to have to be embedded in the culture of the world. This does not include compromise but rather association.

Take a peek at Matthew 11:19 and Luke 7:39; 19:5-7. Do you need to change anything in your routine to follow Jesus in this aspect of life?

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