25 Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Church, Opposition, Perspective

Ever taken a trip where you knew the coolest place to spend a day was just to the left of the last intersection of two dirt roads and then just over a ridge? Several people had told you about it so you were sure you were going to have a sweet afternoon. You never found it and you concluded that someone had moved the cool spot. It really hadn’t been moved but for whatever reason you couldn’t find it and your “out of sight” experience that day was nowhere to be found.

It is easy to think that what we are doing with other Christians has to be right. Why would so many be saying, believing or doing the same thing. In the same way, The wrong view of church easily  leads to a wrong experience of church. The religious bunch of Jesus’ day were kings on what was the right way of everything and you didn’t challenge these dudes. Even those who were not too religious had ideas that Jesus blew up.

The “cool spot” is still there but before you look for it check these map points: Matthew 15:1-7 and 22:22-30; also John 3:1-9, chapter 4 and 6:28 &29.

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