It’s Not What You Think

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Church, Opposition, Perspective
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“That must be his best work.” We might say this as we look at the work of something an artist or a sculptor has completed. And we might be dead wrong. How could that be? We are alarmed because as we look at their work, we can’t imagine anything better. I mean they graduated from the most prestigious fine arts school unlike others who dropped out of school in the 5th grade.

I’m sure as we look at what satan has done to destroy the work of God we easily would conclude that drug addicts, sexual deviants, prostitutes, etc. must be his greatest work used to discredit God’s human creation in the Genesis Art School. However our enemy has one more idea and perhaps his masterpiece in getting us to miss the point of life and church.

The religious frauds and window dressers of Jesus’ day and ours are one of his greatest works used to distort God’s purposes.

Check out Matthew 23:25 and Luke 13:10-17 for a peek at some of satan’s most deceptive work.

How do we guard against this strategy of the enemy in our culture today?

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