Open 24 Hours a Day

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Addictions, Fear, Freedom, Perspective

This is what we like and want-something available whenever we want it. I mean, we have the right don’t we? We may not go all of the time but the potato chips and butterfingers are always there if we want them. Who wouldn’t want this availability?

However, almost everything in this store that’s edible has about as much nutritional value as rubber bands. We know we should go to Whole Foods because it is better for us but this 24/7 store always has the lights on.

Whole foods

Whole foods (Photo credit: parislemon)

We so easily forget how we have been trapped by our enemy and thrown in jail. But the jail is not locked and we might leave but we can always return. Living life our way or the enemy’s way is like this. We have been set free from a life dominated by frustration, anger, discouragement, pride, anxiety, loneliness, comfort…but the light flashes “Open 24 hours a day.” Don’t believe the lie that we can “check out any time but we can never leave.”

Why not grab on to Psalm 146:7, John 8:31,32 or 10:10 and experience life as God intended?

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