The Play is Under Review

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Following Jesus, Lifestyle, Lordship, Pretending, Uncategorized
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Games People Play (book)

Games People Play (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are sure they scored, all they have to do is review the play from this angle and they will overrule their decision. We get tired of how many times a play in a football game is checked again and again as if the ruling will keep us from going over the “fiscal cliff.” I mean we are talking about things that really matter here. At least while they are checking the play we can go to the cabinet and get more chips.

God has some really outlandish things to say in the Bible and sometimes we are not sure we can go there. He says some things about our life, lifestyle and beliefs for which we would like him to review this call. We show up for every spiritual meeting available, memorize tons of verses, understand all the stories, volunteer at the homeless shelter and then he says things like “you don’t get into the big house by telling me I am the boss.” Liking the idea of Jesus being in control and being under his ownership are opposite realities.

We come to the end of our life and think we have our ticket punched and Jesus says something like Matthew 7:21 or Luke 6:46 and we want his call reviewed. He has to see that we did all of the right things, right? But we also have convenient ways defining what he must mean in Luke 14:26,27 and 33.

How can you remove this potential surprise comment from Jesus to you?

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