The Black T Shirt Will Do

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Change, Control, Following Jesus, Formulas, Patience, Uncategorized
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Men easily get impatient when someone takes longer than 5 minutes to get ready. “Just grab any pair of jeans and a t shirt and you will look strikingly gorgeous.” 30 minutes later you are now into the second quarter of the bowl game and have all but forgotten about going anywhere. Now all you’re concerned about is making popcorn.

A couple of comments we often hear go like this: “You should know better by now” or “You keep doing the same thing, when are going to get it?” These are not random comments but reflect our impatience with people who have become Christians and are not changing  fast enough for us. And maybe we even say “if you were really following Jesus, you would think differently.”

No one changes quickly. Colossians 2:6 reminds us that the Christian life is like a walk-we begin with faith and grow in faith. You can jog through a cathedral and everything will be a blur or you can walk and observe the creative genius of the artist. When we walk with Jesus at a steady pace  we see, think, learn and we change. Sometimes we trip

English: A black T-shirt.

English: A black T-shirt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and if someone sees us flat on our back on the walking path they could conclude we are lazy or out of our mind.

Why do we think we have the right formulas for changing patterns of someone’s life that may have become entrenched for years? God says “you are going the right direction, keep walking, you’ll change and by the way , can I walk with you today?”

  1. browery says:

    This is great, and so often exactly what I go through when I come home from college. I get home and the first day or two is great, after that I begin to realize more and more where my family and friends are in their faith. It saddens me as it seems as though they have not grown or are not changing since the last time I saw them. But I am beginning to learn that, just as you wrote, “no one changes quickly.” This is true for my family and friends and I may even go through a period when I am older where it seems as though I am not growing in my faith. It is not our job to judge the fruit of a peoples lives but to love them where they are at in their lives, whether or not they are producing fruit.

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