Interstate 280 San Jose or the Needles Highway South Dakota

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Authentic, Change, Church, Community, Courage, Lifestyle, Perspective, Superficiial

Why would you be on either of these roads? Well you say “it depends on where you want to go.” There are many differences in these two highways but one of the obvious is that one is about 6 lanes going to San Francisco and 6 lanes going to San Jose; the other, well let’s just say you will have to wait for other cars to go through some of the narrow parts before you can. One is filled with cars and trucks almost all of the time and the other, you do now want to meet even one truck on this road.

Matthew 7:13 and 14 describe a couple of differences between narrow and broad that not only apply to roads but also our lives as Christians. To be clear, there are times you need the interstate but that narrow road has beauty not found with multiple lanes or many cars. We need to be careful we don’t substitute the size and speed of travel on the interstate with the reward of the narrow road.

Not many in the Western world have either time or courage to travel the narrow road as it relates to the Christian life. Churches are groups of Christians who are basically on one or the other of these ways of living the Christian life. For example, one road results in superficial change while the other is so real it is scary; one builds shallow community while the other is a tight knit family; one allows only those who are “like us” in while the other is often characterized as “messy”(you”re not sure what someone might say or wear or have pierced).

Let’s not present a revised or watered down version of church or how to live the Christian life.

Which road do you prefer? What would happen if you chose the other one?  It does really depend on where you want to go.

San Jose, CA freeway interchange 280 and 87

San Jose, CA freeway interchange 280 and 87 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Mark Ludy says:

    Well, I gotta say, if you were on 280 chances are we could meet for coffee. So that one gets my vote. – Miss you Dave and trust the narrow road is suiting you fine. The surrendered life allows you the sure company of at least one if none others, but that companion being Jesus is worth it all. What a gift others are who dare to give all to Jesus and the fellowship with those… nothing sweeter. Chuch – The fellowship of those surrendered and given wholly to Jesus.

    Hoping to hear your daughter needs another visit. I’m now savvy at getting around (to only a slight degree) BUT STILL… We would love to see you and Francouis (how do you spell FRAN-SWA?) You’re friendship is precious to us.

    LOVE YOU ALL! – Mark

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