Looking for Condemned Buildings

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Connection, Influence
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There is a TV showHouse Hunters International.” We usually tape it because we like the various countries in which they preview houses that a real estate agent might never take you to. I remember a country and one town in that country I actually spent about 7 weeks in that would not be on that show. Along with 7 others, we stayed in a hotel that would have been condemned in the states. Albania in 1992 was the country and we stayed where everyone else lived in that town. There were no gated communities to check out. The guy at the door of this hotel told us one day he could blow up that hotel anytime he wanted to with the dynamite he had. Oh, did I mention Turkish toilets shared by men and women, water only 2 times a day from a sink for 2 hours, no showers, no hot water in the town…you might be getting the picture.

We had to live there because it was in the middle of where everyone lived. We were there to build a road to a maternity hospital and share JesusLiving close to those you want to influence is critical. You must move into their neighborhood. Think with me about Mark 14:3-5. Jesus was comfortable having dinner with a guy who would not be on the invitation list of the mayor. Sounds like he may be marginal at best but it was where Jesus was hanging out that night. Where else would Jesus meet him except in his neighborhood? This is church at its best.

This guy was open to listen to Jesus because the meal was on his own turf. This may have been the best evidence to him that Jesus really cared about him.

Do you find it easier to occasionally drop into a “bad” part of town or does it ever cross your mind to move into that neighborhood? It depends if you want to really connect with the people there.

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