Double Trouble

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Authentic, Church

The challenge was clear-Jesus gave us homework that would radically alter life for everyone. But somewhere along the way we turn in our homework and we get a grade that reveals that something is very wrong. We are confused because we have given it our best shot. We redouble our effort but the same grade comes back on our assignment. From our perspective, we should have passed with flying colors. We have all of the manuals and books in our libraries on how to do it…but still, something is wrong.

Jeremiah 2:13 reveals two disturbing aspects of doing life, church or whatever. It’s the beginning of a pattern that is easily repeated. Once it is modeled it becomes difficult to understand what to do about it. These people left the life giving spring in the spa and tried to find water somewhere else. It did not work then nor does it today. Digging a deeper hole does not help if the hole is in the wrong place.

When you come to a place as David speaks about in Psalm 63:1 “…earnestly I seek you, my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you…”, you are expressing what few ever realize or express. “There has to be something more to the Christian life than what I have been experiencing.” What does leaving my “life source” mean, and how have I tried to make up for it?

  1. The homework Christ gave: to go out and proclaim the kingdom of God, letting other people worldwide getting to know the Name of the Only One God, Elohim Jehovah, many Christians do forget.

    Every person who calls himself a Christian should follow the teachings of the Master Teacher, rabbi Jeshua (Jesus Christ). the major rule in his teaching is the brotherly Love. When we do love each other it does not matter which state or function somebody has, rang or stand are of no importance. In our love we should be prepared to be there for all those who need us but more important also for those who do think they do not need us nor God. We should proclaim the Gospel, the Good News of the coming Kingdom and show how Christ has changed our lives and paved the way to come close to our Father, the Creator of all things.

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