Buy or Rent?

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Change, Discipleship, Ownership, Uncategorized
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In one aspect of life it is appropriate to ask someone “are you going to buy or rent?” Rent often implies temporary, even though it may go on for quite a while. In some aspects of our life it is ok to rent indefinitely. My wife and I are going to rent when we move in 3 months. We have no time frame on how long and in this case that’s ok.

However, there is another aspect of the life of a follower of Jesus in which renting might be ok for a short while but buying is not only preferred but expected. We must do more than rent the truth, we must own it. How do we know we own it? It is changing us.

We often have all kinds of reasons for not owning the truth that we say we believe. For example, we say “I need to really understand it first”, or “I’m not ready to change/give up that yet, I will but not yet”, or a classic ” I know what Jesus says but this is 2013 and he really wouldn’t expect that now.” If there was a class on “Developing excuses for not changing” most would signup for it. If we only think of the hardships and not the value in letting Jesus change us, we miss everything that matters. We want to play “a game of discipleship” but Jesus just reminds us of John 6.

A quick glance at Psalm 119:59 & 60 erases any excuse to not make the change now. And then there is Matthew 5:13-16; John 8:31 & 32 and James 1:22. It is critical to know what following Jesus really means.

bye bye, rent.

bye bye, rent. (Photo credit: theMaykazine)

Are you renting or buying?

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