Remove the Door Don’t let structure keep you from the neighborhood or the neighborhood from you

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Community, Ministry, Sharing Life, Small Groups
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Obstacles (Photo credit: drp)

A door can be used to either keep people out or allow them in. Have you ever thought about leaving your apartment door open when you meet with your “community” group? Or, what about meeting in the coffee shop or bar with the group? Wouldn’t it be noisy and wouldn’t you get distracted when that dude walks in wearing that? Well, you say “this group is for Jesus people only and we don’t need it interrupted with all kinds of questions and comments. And besides, the language they use might not be appropriate.” Maybe “community” should be removed from the title of the group.

Can you imagine a pagan checking out a Christian group on their own that meets in a building with a cross on it? It’s possible but unlikely. But if an invitation is made by leaving a door open in an apartment or everyone on the block has been invited to a bbq and discussion about life issues, an outsider might show up. Don’t isolate a group from genuine contact with people in the world.   

Listen to Luke 19:9 & 10 in the “Word on the Street” version. “Jesus, in his excitement says, Liberation makes house calls…I’m here to track down the missing persons and reintroduce them to life.” Or, John 17:15 “I’m not asking you to lift them out of the System. But surround them with forces that’ll keep the evil one off their case.” And then there is the party at Matthew’s house and I just bet Jesus did not just talk about how many fish were caught that day.

Jesus’ allowing everyone into his life and c ommunity Bible studies should help us to not construct any structure (obstacle) that makes it difficult for outsiders to figure out life and faith with us.

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