Jammed Freeway. A frenzied lifestyle prevents my helping others find rest by still waters.

Posted: April 30, 2013 in busyness, Disciple Making, Lifestyle, stress
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Feeding Frenzy of Cormorants and Brown Pelican...

Feeding Frenzy of Cormorants and Brown Pelicans eddy_MdO_bluff_MG_1758-9 (Photo credit: mikebaird)

A freeway at 3 AM is usually not crowded but who commutes to work at that time? Travel down I 25 into Denver from the north later, and you will wish you set your alarm clock earlier. Our life so easily can resemble 8″O clock or 5 O’clock traffic-hectic, irritating, and stressful. Our focus at these times is on survival and not the refreshing time with Jesus in our quiet time. The hard truth is that our pace of life does not only diminish the quality of our time with God but usually eliminates it.

I once told a group of University of Wyoming football players I had an assignment harder than any they would get from their head coach. I asked them how many thought they could have a quiet time with God for 5 minutes every day for a week. The laughs were out of control as they all thought they could easily do that. The next week I asked them about it. Two did that for 2 days and a couple did it one day. No one did it every day. Why, when it was so easy? The enemy will always fight to keep us from the Word and a relationship with Jesus.

When it comes to discipling another person, we must get off the freeway and on to a back road or plan to leave earlier. We cannot fool ourselves into thinking we will develop a dynamic relationship with God or help someone else until we slow our rapid pace down.

Take some time this week to meditate on Psalm 23 and 46:10. What will you eliminate from your life to really get to know God and help others along the way?

  1. Lynnette says:

    I like this challenge. Thank you!

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