Losing With Steroids. A community begins to develop when we help each other succeed.

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Community, Sharing Life
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It seems to happen with increasing regularity-a sports figure is accused of or admits to taking some kind of steroid which gives them an advantage in their sport. It takes a while to detect but the results are the same. Not only is the person’s selfishness exposed but the entire team is damaged and the sport is tarnished.

If our focus is that we would be recognized or that we would be the one who contributes most to the win, we have missed the point. In order for a community of believers to go deeper into each other’s lives, the focus must be on helping each other succeed. We can learn to do this by exposing our needs and our weaknesses as well as how we are winning the battle. We can learn to ask questions of each other that expresses genuine interest in the other person and is motivated by their succeeding in the daily war we have with life and the enemy.

Philippians 2:3 and 4 captures the thought. “…don’t be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.” (The Message) Building community is hard enough in the fast paced culture we live in, but let’s not cripple it by drawing attention to ourselves rather than the rest of the team. Everyone has the opportunity to win the battles life serves up to us each day when we are committed to each other in this way.

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