The Voice. Many shout at us to listen up but only one is worth listening to.

Posted: July 12, 2013 in authority, Change, Discipleship, Following Jesus
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The Authority

The Authority (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I never get into watching this kind of show partly because I can’t relate and I would rather watch some travel show that highlights intriguing places to go to. But, I wanted to see why so many were hooked on this one. So I watched several episodes including the final one of “The Voice.” I mean really, how do you pick one out of all of these amazing talents?

Just like those contestants bidding for our vote, we have many choices as to what we listen to when making decisions about how to do life. But out of the myriad “authorities” that clamor for attention and claim to have it right, comes one who challenges everything in us. To believe this voice alters everything, reveals our insecurities, quickly humbles us but also gets to the core issues we so desperately want dealt with. Jesus never wasted words and if you heard or hear him talk you are left with few alternatives as what  to do with what he just said.

When Jesus walked around and started talking, people quickly realized and said “this guy’s different.” They never heard this before and they also saw that he was living everything he said. Check out Matthew 7:28 and 29. But John 6:66 reveals the heart of many of us. The more Jesus defined discipleship, the fewer were interested in hanging with him.

So, what gives Jesus the right to silence every other voice that claims to be right? In Matthew 28:18 Jesus says “God’s given me absolute first and last word in heaven and down here on earth.” Word on the Street version. He has absolute authority.

What part of Jesus’definition of discipleship do you have trouble with? Why?

  1. Frannie says:

    Love this one. And you are so right….there is only one voice with the truth. Thanks for the reminder not to give in to the others that try to tempt us.

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