Sleeping with a Lion. Comfort breeds complacency which usually results in apathy or a car wreck spiritually.

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Risk, security
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Kingdom of Comfort

Kingdom of Comfort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I didn’t mean it to go this far.” “If I had only known what I know now…” Common and too often statements made by someone who strolls leisurely through life with beautifully disguised traps placed by out enemy that suck us in and destroy our life. They vary, but the intention of the enemy is to disable us from enjoying God and focusing on things that matter most.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable but when we are following Jesus, he has a way of leading us into conversations or situations that challenge us to take risks that are essential for a life that is directed by God.

Think about  David’s life as king. In 2 Samuel 11 David after sending his men into battle, is perhaps bored and just starts looking for something to do. Having spotted a woman who was stunning he knows his usual nap will be anything but usual. You can read the rest of the periilous story that not only wrecked his life but others as well.

We never know or believe what consequences are put into motion by our focus on living a comfortable lifestyle. Focus is the key word here because when we are committed to doing everything we can to escape any discomfort, we are in danger. David did recover from his sin and God even called him a man after his heart.(Acts 13:22)

Be careful to not make comfort, security, or safety a part of your definition of a meaningful or successful life. These are cleverly disguised traps to keep you and I from what God knows is best for us.

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