I’m hanging up now. The global system we live in will never understand a life directed by the Spirit of God.

Posted: September 8, 2013 in curiosity, Lifestyle
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Big Questions

Big Questions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the guys who was intrigued by Jesus was Nicodemus (I’m sure we would call him Nick today). Jesus has just said some shocking stuff that might have caused Nick to wonder if Jesus had been smoking something. So, he asked Jesus a question that people everywhere ask every day when they meet someone’s who’s intimately tracking with Jesus. His question is phrased differently in various ways but goes like this: “how can this be?'” or “What do you mean by this?” or “How on earth can things like this happen?” Jesus had just said that to see God’s world you have to experience a new birth. The first 10 verses of John 3 introduce us to God’s story.

When God begins to direct and change our life, our focus is so radically different that even our best friends will find it a little freaky to listen to us. The world stresses things that make sense to them:about being ambitious, or getting even with people who  hurt us in some way or many other things that seem logical. But when Colossians 3:1-10 becomes our chosen lifestyle, our life doesn’t make sense to them.

Because the world is focused on safety and security, our living by the Spirit which invalidates the predictable and logical, causes them to ask questions like Nick did on that day he talked with Jesus.

Having spent 37 years either living in or driving through Wyoming I can tell you that the wind there is impossible to understand or describe to someone from just about any other state. I mean, who measures wind speed with a chain? In the same sense, when we listen to God, those around us will wonder, and we can’t completely describe our life to their satisfaction. Maybe they will be curious enough to ask us about it.

Is your life predictable? Are your decisions understandable by those not following Jesus? A most exciting life awaits us as we allow God to whisper to us “follow me…”

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