Living for the weekend. Our focus should change from where we are going to eat out or what sporting event is happening to how can I meet someone’s need today.

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Focus, Lifestyle
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Focus Into Blue

Focus Into Blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people work hard for 40-50 hours a week usually Monday-Friday and are ready to relax, take in a movie or watch any kind of sporting event on TV or in person. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. The issue is that this is usually our only thought because we are focused on ourselves. After all, we deserve it after the week we have put in.

What if we woke up on Saturday morning and asked God what his agenda was for us that day? What if the first or second thought we had was”I wonder who I can help today?” We justify almost anything else that helps us “relax” or “enjoy” our weekend. Maybe that is one issue to resolve-whose weekend it is.

2 Corinthians 5:17 clearly says that when Jesus is our life (we began following him) everything changed for us. That includes the opportunity to see where God is at work and join him. It means we look at a day differently from how we used to look at it. What a different way to go to bed Friday night or wake up Saturday morning. Paul looked at his life this way. In 1 Corinthians 3:5 Paul’s focus is clear-he saw himself in a different way. He was thinking about others first.

James 3:14-18 shows us that God talk without God action is a waste of space on our part. Part of the freedom and outrageous life Jesus promises us comes from being freed from our whatever we want to not taking a step without talking to Jesus about it.

Get with a friend who will join you in living differently next weekend.

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