Real Change. To know if you are really changing, check your contentment, anxiety, and if you really think God is in control.

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Change, Lordship
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Journey to the East: Route Map

Journey to the East: Route Map (Photo credit: premasagar)

I recently read a challenging verse in Genesis 46:2 in the Word on the Street. God stopped me cold on this one. During the night God downloaded a dream into Israel’s sleep and said : I’m God, your father’s God. Don’t panic; enjoy the journey down to Egypt.”

If it’s not today, it probably will be tomorrow but everyone usually comes to a place where you wonder if you got on the right bus. I mean, so much looks different while being the same. The people speak your language (most of the time), they drive cars like you do, trees are trees everywhere but for whatever reason you’re left wondering. I was thinking about this since our move to Boise. We did come with a blank page but there are only a couple of sentences and a photo now on the page while most of it remains blank.

Then God said “I’m God…don’t panic…enjoy the journey…” This was totally reassuring and I said ok. That day seemed different. I could relax and truly believe God was in control and therefore knew what he was doing. Boise is not Egypt but it is out there. It is the most remote destination city in the USA. While walking downtown that day I had an overwhelming sense of this being the place I want to be and that I can enjoy what God sees that I don’t yet. I actually thought that I enjoyed being here more than Boulder, Colorado and that is beyond bizarre. The beautiful walk on my way to the Java coffee shop could not have been improved in any way. I was meeting with a man to discuss what God was doing here. It was one of those electric moments where you just really knew…

Is there growing evidence in your life that shows you are walking away from the evidence the enemy presents as he details his distorted facts about God and his relentless love for you and I? We can enjoy the journey because God’s map is so much more exciting than any Google Map application.

  1. richard bassham says:


    Shawn and I made our move to Coeur d’Alene without nagging reservation, but certainly wonder one year past this last September.

    The journey/arrival were all so welcoming, but our arrival and discovery………………pleasure has been more than expected.

    We are witnesses to what God has laid down for a wonderful rental to the eventual purchase of another unit in the Riverstone Village with worship and church body that is teaching and activated by God’s directive.

    Until we follow we can never apprecaite God’s “loosening” and unbolting from our plans and life’s patterns. So much I see better that faith must have a “following” before the Lord can show me what he has held for me.

    I recently came to a dozen men gathering at 7 am on Mondays with two of which are retired Methodist pastors in their late eighties and the majority of the men do not attend the same institutional worship. I am amazed at this gathering and usually have Don who is one of the retired Methodist pastor to coffee following our meeting. Our visits are off chart.


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