Enough is Enough. It is easy to talk so much you miss the point of making an application.

Posted: November 11, 2013 in application, Discipleship
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Most people like to be involved in discussion things with others. Some discussions connect to reality while others live in space somewhere. Somewhere we began to believe that to know and understand truth was the end game. We relish hearing teachers who parse Greek and Hebrew and bring to light things we never knew existed. Some of this is definitely valuable in understand the original intent of the Biblical writers. But the religious types were those

Application Vac

Application Vac (Photo credit: NeilsPhotography)

who Jesus had some of his most difficult words for. The religious gang knew the stuff but stopped there.

However, these religious types were wrong because they really did not know what God was getting at. Check Matthew 22:29. Jesus wasn’t showing off but trying to get them to see where they were missing the point. You and I can easily fall into this trap and not realize that God intends for us to use what we learn. It must affect our character and lifestyle or it really is useless.

Think about how many times you have listened to a message in either a formal Sunday setting or informally in someone’s home. It was spanking challenging but you left wondering what to do about it. There was no emphasis on how to apply it to your life and since no one really asked what to do about it, you thought that this must be what the Christian life is like.

But you just know there’s got to be more to it, and there is. In John 13:17 Jesus not only taught what being a servant was, he demonstrated how his men could do it and pass it on to others. James, later emphasized in James 1:22-25 that application is a must. Just knowing the manual on sky diving doesn’t get us to jump out of the plane.

Often we need someone in our life who will walk with us through the dark alley of application and together both begin to see the change in lifestyle, attitude and character. Do you have someone like this who will walk with you?

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