Can you speak louder? The issue in not hearing God speak to us is ours not God’s.

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Hearing God speak
God Speaks

God Speaks (Photo credit: 水泳男)

Is hearing God speak like reserved seating where only a few get to get into the event or hear God speak to them? Could it be that God only wants to talk to certain people and not others? And don’t you really need to be careful about the whole deal of God speaking? We remember people drinking poisoned cool-aid because someone said God told them to get others to drink it. Or there’s the story of God telling people to show up on a hill and He would pick them up on Starship 1.

We’re not looking for something dramatic; we would just like to know if God really speaks to ordinary people anyway. The drama goes on and after a while we just forget about the whole deal but our skepticism grows when we hear others announce that God told them… But somewhere deep inside, we wonder.

Our not hearing God speak can be due to several things. I mention only a couple. Hebrews 3:12-15 mentions one of these. We can harden our heart by reading the Word or hearing it taught and not doing anything about it. Repetition of this hardens us to a point where we drift off in a day dream as we read or hear someone speak about the Word, and it eventually results in not doing either.Our conclusion-the idea of God speaking is a joke.

Another was we miss hearing God speak is seen in Isaiah 55:8 and 9. When we come up with our own ideas, plans or expectations and don’t understand that God does not do life the same way we do, we miss hearing Him. The Word on the Street says it direct “…my methods are not in any of your manuals.” Sure there are other reasons we do not hear God, but the truth is that God is apeaking throughout every day. But we have to have ears to hear (that is doing what we hear.)

Get some coffee and hang out with someone this week and talk about this.

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