Can’t feel my fingers. God is against anything that numbs our heart for him alone.

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Focus, Purpose
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Maybe you have had the experience of having one or more of your fingertips go numb. For whatever reason there is just no feeling there. You touch it or pinch it, but nothing. Your fingertips have just lost the sense of feeling. There is no connection to pain or heat.

We are made for a longing for God alone but our insatiable craving is usually misdirected toward the consumption of stuff that on the one hand  lasts for a few days, but continues rampant throughout our lifetime in our “misplaced values” culture. This time of year we are convinced that if we just get that X Box, sweet jacket or take that trip we will have our longing satisfied. Oh, and there’s that Pickup…

All the time, God is working to remove the insensitivity we have towards Him by taking us through the class of “These things don’t ever satisfy.”

We are made for God alone. Psalm 42: needs to be checked out first thing each morning. David chases after God in a way that seems so foreign to us. Again in Psalm 73:25 David challenges us with “I’ve got heaven coming, got relationship with him: Nothing here on earth’s worth a second view!” Isaiah loudly agrees saying that his soul and spirit longs for God (Isaiah 26:9). Even Paul learned that a flat out trust in God is all that gets you through the stacked card game of life that is strategically set to disappoint and destroy us (2 Corinthians 1:8 and 9).

How’s your feeling for God? What do you need to stop chasing after in order to have contentment, satisfaction, or meaning? How can you begin to develop a heart for God alone? Talk about it with someone else.

Numb (U2 song)

Numb (U2 song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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