Up the down escalator. Without confronting what is wrong in our lives we enable people to continue in the wrong direction.

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

The gospel for sure refreshes us with a grace unknown in any other relationship that we have or have ever had. God is totally for us. He is the referee who always makes the right call. He never tries to belittle us, condemn us, or diminish our worth ant value to Him.

However, it is easy and maybe normal for us to believe we can live as we please and not deal with the junk we know is present in our life because we are certain that His grace covers it. On many occasions, Jesus who demonstrated maximum love for those following Him and for those who did not, seemed to use another canvas to paint a picture of what was essential in following Him. Sometimes it seems that we are not in the same art studio with Jesus when we are not challenged with the cost of discipleship.

People in Jesus’ day loved the “forgiveness of sins” speeches Jesus made but Jesus always confronted the direction people’s lives were taking. When those times came, many found excuses why they had to leave the session early.

The John 6 “drink my blood and eat my flesh” speech caused anger, confusion and dismay over such a change in lifestyle that Jesus demanded. On another occasion Jesus included everyone in the “cost of discipleship” speech in Luke 14:25-35.

Grace is available, freedom is promised but Jesus confronts head on why it is not experienced without radical change in our life.

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