I don’t like that web site. What Jesus says is not horrible, but it puts the spotlight on the horrible things in us that must be dealt with.

Posted: March 7, 2014 in offended, submission
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We like the Jesus who is gentle with children, or mothers who have lost a child, or maybe even the man who just lost his job. We love it when he hammers the religious types of his day because in our thinking, they were beyond repair.

It’s kind of like checking out a web site and seeing a whole bunch of stuff we like and agree with,but as we get to the section on values and convictions or non-negotiable issues, we decide not to save that web site to our favorite list.

We can be like that with Jesus and develop our version of Christianity that paints a picture that does not offend us or anyone else. But as soon as we see something in scripture that we aren’t about to do or become, we discard it with an explanation that puts a Band-Aid on a gash that not dealt with,exposes the real self-centeredness of our life and our unwillingness to come to the cross.

Look at the different responses in Acts 2:37 and 7:54. One group determined to hold on to their lifestyle, were determined to eliminate Jesus from changing anything that cost them too much. The other group realized their life was way off track and were willing to do whatever to change regardless of the cost. One group was offended and the other saw the offence in their own life. Two responses with two entirely different endings.

Why not take some time to think about how you have justified maintaining a lifestyle that really doesn’t give any indication that Jesus is the boss? What is one way you can begin to change this?

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