Whatever. The spirit of our day is to be for everything, except a strong conviction of what matters.

Posted: March 13, 2014 in conviction, truth, whatever
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The common response of “whatever” is tagged on to about anything in our culture. It conveys a lack of interest or commitment to just about anything. It represents an unwillingness to commitment. Acceptance becomes easy in our culture if you accept everyone’s position as ok for them. A logical conclusion of this way of life is a belief that truth for you does not necessarily mean it is truth for me.Obviously this can have disastrous consequences.

It takes effort to develop strong convictions about the critical issues in life. Examination, thinking and studying are required to discover what is really important. There are many exits available to leave this track of learning. A focus on what the culture values or on what the majority of one’s friends believe to be important, consistently ends in tragedy if the friends are on the “whatever” track.

Satan is no fool and he cleverly provides Christians with opportunities to buy into shallow obedience or watered down convictions. God has provided Godly men and women who consistently have a deepening relationship with Jesus to equip other followers of Jesus with accurate truth. Ephesians 4:11-14 spells it out and when we know the truth about life, we are not tossed back and forth with wondering what is right and wrong. 2 Timothy 2:15 speaks about how we can know the Word of God to deal with everything that comes up in life.

What are some convictions you have developed from the Word that you know will not be shaken by anyone or any circumstance? When you and I know and follow Jesus who is the truth, we are able to offer freedom to others trapped in the maze of “whatever.”

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