Chrome Shoes and a Blank Stare. Christianity must make sense to each generation or its’ value will be not only diminished but discarded as irrelevant.

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Authentic, relevant
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I only know one person who knows what “Chrome Shoes” means. Everyone else might make a guess but would probably be wrong. People explaining Christianity sometimes use words that a person who hasn’t checked out a church for most of their life might have that “blank stare” and have no idea what was just spoken. Think for a minute about “Are you washed in the blood?” Those of us who know Jesus get this, but an outsider might immediately leave concluding “that’s not real talk.”

2 Timothy 3:16 and 17 makes it clear that the Bible is useful for everything we deal with in life. Acts 2:37 indicates that when people understand the Word (and Christianity), it goes straight to their heart. It makes sense and connects with them.

So, when is Christianity meaningful? It is always meaningful, but when does it come alive and make sense to those outside of the faith? That happens when it connects with them, when it makes sense, when it relates to what they deal with at work, or in their relationships, and helps them understand their emotions. Then and only then is it worthwhile and relevant for them.

Practice sharing your story with someone and see if it connects or whether the “blank stare” makes an appearance on their face. How can you develop the ability to speak to people’s heart with words that impact and cause them to be curious and think about what you shared with them?

Chrome Shoes-chrome rims on a car or truck.

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