Waiting. It’s worth the wait for what you long for even though it may be hard.

Posted: August 2, 2014 in perservence, Perspective, Waiting
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One day in my basement a number of guys were sitting around when one of them asked “how long?” Another quickly said “not long.” That exchange went back and forth for what seemed like 5 minutes. It became so funny that the room exploded in uncontrolled laughter.

Some things have a humorous ending while others don’t, and seem to go on beyond what seems like unreasonable time limits. Perspective is a large factor in determining our irritation, our disheartened attitude or our patient waiting. So with a wrong perspective, we often ask the question “how long?”

God has some things to say about waiting: Psalm 27:14 challenges us to be strong and encouraged to wait for God to act; Isaiah 64:4 promises that God will act when we wait for him; Lamentations 3:26 reminds us to wait quietly for God to work his plan in and for us. Quietly can mean that we stop scheming how to make something work and wait for God to do it.

I remember memorizing Psalm 37:4. I loved finding this verse because I knew I could wait a while and God would come through and give me my desire. But delighting in the Lord turned out to be quite a learning process that continues to this day. And one thing I learned along the way is that God may change your desire into another but he still is faithful to fulfill the promise.

Then there are some desires that remain and the challenge is to continue to delight in the Lord. If God always has my best in mind, why is it so hard to wait year after year? It’s worth it even when God takes us on a highway we never planned on being on. As it turns out, there is quite a lot of incredible scenery on the track God leads us on. It’s easy to miss when we want our desires to be fulfilled on our timetable.

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