No negotiations allowed. There are some walls that are more significant than others and there is no negotiation possible.

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Barriers, Faith
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Outside of America and a few other countries you can barter/negotiate for almost anything. It’s actually fun. But don’t go into an Apple store and try to get a MacBook Pro for less than the advertised price.

God is so committed to our best that he will not negotiate with us for a casual or comfortable relationship with him. Any relationship with God challenges everything in our culture or ourselves that does not reflect his best for us. Nowhere is this more evident than with our faith. God requires it but we try to persuade him that there might be another way. But, faith is evidence of a relationship of trust that God cannot alter.

2 Corinthians 1:8 and 9 are verses that are easy to memorize and do a Bible study on but it is another matter to enter into them. That is, to be able to come to a wall where only our trust/confidence in God is the only way over it.

Jeremiah 17:5-7 adds that to trust in “our contacts, networks and friends” or our own resources and try to negotiate with God is no better than dying sagebrush in a desert. We isolate ourselves from the life of God.

Are you in a place where you are trying to get over a wall with your own reasoning? Are you more interested in what other people say on your issue? We have to abandon ourselves to the only formula that works-faith. Be out of step with most of your friends but know that God is excited as you enter this dimension in your relationship with him.

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