Age is irrelevant except for a bottle of wine. Chasing the wrong things keeps us from asking the important questions.

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Important matters

Only a connoisseur would be interested in asking how old a bottle of wine is. That is an important question. How old the chef is in the restaurant is, really, not that critical for an important evening out with your honey. But the wine…well, the age would be more important.

Some would rightly argue-“who cares about the chef’s age or the age of the wine?” In the scheme of life, these questions are not the important ones. So what are some of the important questions in life?

We all have options, choices, and decisions that contribute to God’s purposes or our own interests and focuses. We are always asking questions but not necessarily the important ones. Our questions reveal what we believe are the critical or important issues in life. They expose our thinking about life, values and purpose.

Every question we ask (except whether we should get a Coke or Dr. Pepper type), is rooted to something. Matthew 6:33 for example shows what many questions we ask should be related to, . And, when you consider Isaiah 43:7, you have a good foundation for what questions have value and those that really don’t matter.

What are some questions you should ask as you consider these aspects of life: Job/Career, Decisions, Relationships, Church, Money, Use of Time, Where to live…?

Another way to think about this is to look at the questions Jesus asked. Look through a gospel and think about why Jesus asked the questions he did. What can you learn  from the questions Jesus asked?

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