A long or short trip. The distance between us and Jesus is always changing.

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We recently took a trip from Boise, ID. to Levenworth, WA. I thought we would never get out of Oregon because the speed limit was 55 on the 2 lane roads and 65 on the Interstate. The distance seemed to keep getting longer as we traveled.

Our relationship with Jesus is not static because as he introduces us increasingly to himself and his perspectives, we realize we have the option of moving toward or away from him. It is not unlike any relationship with another person. As we share more of our life with someone, we introduce something into that relationship that can cause some to realize we are going to have to be honest with them and it can quickly get painful. Or, it stimulates something in us to be more open with them as we realize this is a safe place to be.

In Luke 9:57-62 and 14:25-34, Jesus makes us think about the implications of “following him.” He’s not interested in our learning more or “correct” doctrine, memorize more verses about him, or most of the religious stuff we think he values. He’s interested in us getting closer to him, trusting him with every doubt or question we have, and doing life his way.

The more Jesus defined what he was about and looking for, the fewer were interested. Some walked close enough to hear him whisper but most moved further away and only heard a word or two.

As you look at the last 6 months or a year ago, what would you write about the distance between you and Jesus? How can you change it?

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