Let’s look under the hood. There are times when our careless disregard for what matter most must be brought to light.

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This week was one in which my indulgence to eat whatever I wanted for most of my life was exposed. It had been concealed for quite a few years although I was aware there was a growing consequence to my personal preferences. I had an echo-stress test done that revealed a block in an artery. An angiogram was required to find it. Three stints had to be inserted into the main artery to the heart to resolve the issue. The rest of the resolution was on me to change my diet and be involved in the lovely practice of serious exercise.

In a similar manner, we often disregard what really matters to God and substitute that which we believe has equal value or at least gives us some notion of significance. We can do this for what seems an indefinite amount of time before our life is displayed on the billboard entering town.

A few sentences in the Word illustrate this. Luke 10:38-42 reveals a truth that is often hard. Jesus points out that there is only one thing Martha needs to have in her life, only one thing is essential and that is to be in a listening and learning relationship with Jesus. Everything else goes out the window when we realize this is what matters most in life. Our busy schedules we cram life into actually suffocate us and we do not hear God speak into our life-we just don’t have time for it.

Galatians 6:7 is often learned a lot later in life. Whatever we invest our life pursuing will always produce either mess or order, traveling in circles or in a God directed direction, confusion or certainty, frustration or joy…It is our choice, but no one makes a fool of God.

What do you know is hidden from view in your life that you would rather no one knowing about? How can you be certain you are investing your life in what really matters?

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