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Jesus entered the world in a most obscured way. Some recognized it but most paid it no mind. If someone moved into your neighborhood and was wealthy or highly respected and wanted to help everyone in the neighborhood, you might pay attention to them.

John 1:11 in the Message says “Jesus moved into the neighborhood.” But Matthew 13:58 adds that as he moved around in that neighborhood, he didn’t do much. It was not because he didn’t want to but the people didn’t believe him. Their faith limited what he would do.

We show up at  Christian meetings on Sunday or Thursday, but we don’t often see anything different than when we drop into our favorite coffee shop. We are present but without an expectation that God is going to show up and turn the tables upside down, we fight to stay awake and can’t wait until this is over. Why don’t we expect God to act? Again, the Message clears it up. Jesus didn’t do many miracles there because of “their hostile indifference.”

We easily get too casual with our Christian experience and whether you call it a lack of faith or indifference, the result is the same-nothing happens. Why not take Jesus seriously, invite him to your neighborhood or group and expect that he is going to work? Pass out water and watch it turn into wine.