Go Ahead-Jump! I God’s activity in our life depends to a large degree on our trust or real belief in him.

Posted: July 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Almost everyone would like to see God show up and do something in their life or for someone we pray for. But it seems that the consistent pattern is that we pray (maybe a lot) and not much or nothing happens. We might wonder if God is not interested in us, doesn’t care or most scary that he isn’t who we have thought he is.

The truth may really be that we could substitute the word “hope” for  “prayer”. We hope God is real and listening and will respond to what we hope will happen. Of course this approach doesn’t get God’s attention nor accomplish what we would like to see happen.” Why doesn’t God do something?” we ask, and decide that this Christian thing doesn’t work for us. It doesn’t help when someone stands up in a Christian meeting and declares how God really came through for them.

So what’s going on? Maybe John 1:11 and 12 will give some insight. Jesus gets with “his people” and some didn’t welcome him but some did. For those who welcomed him (really believed he was being straight with them) Jesus responded to their belief. He knew it was real and that they were not just hoping.

Scene 2-Matthew 13:53-58-Jesus is teaching in church that Sunday. People were amazed (not in a good way), questioned his ability to make certain claims, talked about his ordinary family and ultimately were offended by his talk. Verse 58 says that Jesus could not do much there because of their “hostile indifference” (Message Translation). They just couldn’t wrap their heart and minds around what he was saying. They lacked real faith. They knew the word “faith” but would not go beyond that.

What this means: Do you and I really believe Jesus is who he says he is? What difference should it make if we really do? What is something you are willing to trust God to do or is it like going out o a limb for you to think this way? What could God be trying to get you to see in his silence to your request? Have a conversation with someone this week who has proof that this is really real.

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