Why? or What? There is a more significant difference than just the spelling of “why” and “what.”

Posted: July 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s true that sometimes a person only needs to hear what they are told to do. When a commanding officer tells a recruit to do something, it doesn’t matter why. A coach has rules that must be obeyed regardless of why he or she came up with them. But there are times when our motivation can be increased for doing something when we know why we are doing it.

One time Jesus told some followers to do something without telling them why. That happened in Luke 10:1-11. He gave them several specific things they were not to take on a trip, where to stay and what they were to do. They left, did what they were told and we have no record of their ever asking why or questioning these instructions.

Jesus asked a woman for a drink of water in John 4. She challenged him and then he told her what kind of water he could give her and what it would do for her. She wanted that even thought she didn’t totally get what he was describing. He had described for her why she should want this water and she said “bring it!”

In John 10:7-10 Jesus is describing who he was and why someone should consider following him. When he described the life he would give as “more and better than they ever dreamed of” who wouldn’t be motivated to have that kind of life?

What this means: When we are trying to help someone understand some Biblical truth, it helps to tell them why it will help them. Think about how understanding the “why” can increase motivation for doing something. Why should people you know follow Jesus? Learn how to articulate how believing the gospel can change and help your friends.

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