Sporadic Occurrences A consistent lifestyle of sharing life with others has a greater impact than occasionally showing up..

Posted: August 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

It may be far more convenient to meet with people once a week in a small group or church meeting but what we learn about them, what they  learn about us and how we are really able to help them learn to follow Jesus is very limited. Completing an assignment or being able to talk about a leader’s message or study only begins the process of discipleship.

But what if we worked in the yard, painted the garage, helped some homeless guy find something they needed or if we drove to a ski area and skied the day with others? The learning curve goes up exponentially as we do life together.

Jesus occasionally taught in the temple, some type of building in Jerusalem or on the side of a hill, but his most effective teaching and use of time was spent with the disciples walking, cooking or maybe telling jokes as they went to sleep somewhere. Paul picked up on this later as you see in 1 Thessalonians 2:8-12. He loved these people so much he was willing to share his life and not just teach them theology somewhere.They knew all about his character and were greatly encouraged by him. He worked hard and they saw it. He greatly impacted their lives.

What this means: How much time do you give to spending time with those you are trying to help become solid followers of Jesus? Is that time spent in the ordinary events of life or in just having a Bible study in someone’s house? How could you begin to change your lifestyle so you could include others in recreation, work projects, working on a car or anything they like to do? How about doing church this way? How or what do you think others would learn if you shared life with them?

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