A Critical Decision Wanting and needing others in our life remains an ongoing choice we make daily.

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

There are times in our life we read a story of how God showed up powerfully in someone’s life or we read something in the Bible and are severely challenged. We know for sure that God wants to be this real in our daily life and yet it becomes easier to write it off as unusual or not practical for us. There are certainly other reasons (which are inadequate) to dismiss the story or scripture as irrelevant in our culture or situation.

We can easily remain ruggedly independent and believe this is a positive trait that is admired by others but knowing deep inside that it is not the way God built us. Acts 2:42-46 and 4:32-35 are familiar but our experience screams loudly that this is unreasonable in our day and time. There are so many things we want to do on our own or as a family, places we want to go alone, and we want to have the freedom to purchase what we want without interference.

Who in their right mind would look at bank accounts, stock portfolios and home furnishings as belonging as much to others as ourselves? We don’t understand that we need others in our life every day. This is an ongoing challenge when Christianity is increasingly defined as going to a place on certain days, at certain times and accepted as the norm for our day and busy lives.

But then we read Acts and…

What this means: What contributes to reading the Bible and dismissing the hard implications or dismissing it by rationalizing that we live in a different culture where it is impossible to do? How do our Christian friends contribute to this line of thinking? What if we did exactly what the Bible says? Along with another Christian, agree on one or two scriptures in which you will do exactly what the Bible says this week and talk about it later.

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