Accidental or Intentional Effective involvement with others requires deliberate focus and concentration on the people God intersects our life with.

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Some of us live spontaneously much of the time while others’ days seem highly structured. There is value in both, and adjustments must be made by each at times. Have you ever wondered if Jesus woke up and all of a sudden said something like “Hey lets go down to the river and see how far we can skip rocks.” Being alert to the Father did not mean Jesus had to keep a 15 minute schedule of everything he did. He didn’t live that way. Alertness to God means we are free to let God “interrupt” our routine and we don’t get bent out of shape with it.

However, we must be intentional with the direction of our life when it comes to being involved with people. We are here to skip rocks but not major on looking for lakes or smooth rocks. We are here to focus on eternal stuff and that is God, the Word of God and people. Jesus was very deliberate with his life. For example, in Luke 9:51 he firmly set out to go to Jerusalem. In Mark 1:38 Jesus wanted to go to the nearby villages so he could speak to those people. He added “That is why I am here.” He had to go through Samaria John 4 says.

How about you and I? Do we wake up knowing that one of our purposes is to find people God is at work in and hang out with them? We know we may run into someone we didn’t plan to and that’s OK because we’re focused on people regardless of where they live or how we got connected with them.

What this means: Who could help you be more deliberate in developing this kind of focus? Ask them to ask you about it every now and then. If you are a spontaneous person, how can you build some  intentionality into your lifestyle? If you are a structured person, how can you begin to loosen up and get excited about life without structure occasionally? Do you understand that God is dynamic and not static and that he can speak to you about how to listen for his voice throughout the day?

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