Flying around the World…on Solar Power Our intensity should be as strong as the significance of our pursuit.

Posted: September 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have flown as far as it is from Florida to Taiwan. It took some time but I can’t imagine flying around the world. But then if you mentioned it would be on solar power…I might have auctioned off my ticket. But this feat is exactly what motivates some people to risk it all for the reward of accomplishment.

What does our effort really look like when it comes to Mark 16:15-sharing the gospel with the whole world or Matthew 28:19 & 20-teaching people to practice everything Jesus did? This “responsibility” or maybe a better word “joy” is ours, and not only for those God puts into their hearts to be involved in “full time” Christian vocations.

Our world probably consists of a few neighbors within shouting of our home or apartment. It includes those who we work with on our job and probably some group who share our interest in some hobby or recreational activity.

God wants what is on his heart to be what is on ours. Nothing else counts. Everything we do that God puts on our heart is significant. But we must “have boots on the ground” or our intensity of commitment will be correctly questioned.

What this means: If your intensity is less than it should be, maybe your pursuit is not significant. What you mostly talk about with friends or acquaintances reveals most accurately what is significant to you. What’s that look like? Are you willing to pray “God, put on my heart what is on yours?” See if you really would ask God to make Psalm 73:25 real in your life. The Word on the Street concludes that verse with “…nothing here on earth’s worth a second view!”

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