Catch and Release. Making disciples must focus on equipping people to leave and not remain reliant on us for personal growth.

Posted: October 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

I don’t fish very often but when I do and the fish is eating size (and I don’t ask the fish to let me know), I will take it home and on the grill it goes. I have many friends who almost always let their fish go. But if I suggest we go to Bubba Gumps for some fish they would jump at it. “Catch and Release” is the term “serious” fishermen use.

How does this relate to making disciples? Well, we love the people God brings into our lives to help them begin to follow Jesus. We spend many hours together-praying, working, studying, playing, enjoying life. But there comes a time when if we hold on to them too tight we actually are diminishing their impact with other people.

We have to apply the principle of “catch and release” with them. Jesus did this. John 17:4,6,18 and 20 provides a glimpse of his strategy and heart. Think about these thoughts from The Word on the Street: v4 “I’ve done you credit by fulfilling my part of the arrangement down here.” v6 “The squad you gave me, I’ve shown them what you’re like…you trusted me with them and they’ve lived life your way…” v18 “You sent me on a mission, I’ve done the same to them: sent them on a mission.” and v20 “But not just them! All the thousands that’ll opt back into your way…”

Jesus loved them so much that he released them.

WHAT THIS MEANS: We must make sure that those we help to follow Jesus really get it and it’s in their heart not just their head. Their conviction is to make disciples who make disciples. 2 Timothy 2:2 is tattooed somewhere on them. And we tell them we will call, text or e-mail them as they drive off to wherever.

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