Wait, thats dynamite. Sometimes God destroys our insistence that our discipleship or church strategy is the best way.

Posted: October 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

I know you have watched an old landmark come crashing down within minutes because dynamite was used to bring it down. No one suggested to take it down brick by brick or floor by floor. Explosives were accurately placed to bring the building down quickly.

We can easily get entrenched in a way of doing things that “must be the best,” only to have God interfere with our design and change everything. Tweaking is OK we think but to blow it up?

I remember working with a Fine Arts guy named John and an Engineering student at about the same time. If John was going to get what I was sharing, it became clear I would have to speak into an ear I didn’t know existed. Or even now, in trying to develop a relationship with an autistic man where I live, I have realized my “strategy” for discipling men is going to have to change for him.

I love Isaiah 55:8 & 9…sometimes! “…My methods aren’t in any of your manuals,” it says in The Word on the Street. Don’t you love that or does it scare you a little?

God knows what he wants in every life but getting there will look different at times.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Don’t get proud or locked into a church or discipleship plan you think is the “right” way to do it. When God opens our eyes to doing it another way, we learn more than we could imagine-about us and God.

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