Front Porch or Backyard Deck. Following Jesus always means a public rather than private life.

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

When my wife and I moved into Windsor, Colorado we moved into a subdivision with front porches. We were excited to see all of the homes with these porches but sadly almost all of the people never really used them. We used ours and waved or spoke to neighbors passing by and regularly walked through our neighborhood but hardly ever was anyone on their porch.

I knew where they were…on their deck in  back surrounded by a fence to keep people from seeing them at all if possible. They were cloaked, although there.

Although Jesus took off on trips alone at times, he preferred the busy intersections of life where he could clearly reveal who he was and interface with as many people as possible. Mark 2:15-17 shows who Jesus preferred to make dinner reservations with.

Or, in The Word on the Street in Luke 19:10 Jesus says “…I’m here to track down the missing persons and reintroduce them to life.”

WHAT THIS MEANS: Where could you have a meal where the rough crowd hangs out? Why not make that place your regular stop rather than the private booth where no one can see you? How focused are you and I on those “missing persons” Jesus regularly “high fived ?”

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