Who are these People? There is immense value in diversity.

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Why is it that we more easily value people being like us rather than being with people from known and sometimes unknown backgrounds? Most churches and campus ministries often reveal just how much we don’t value diversity. What are we not recognizing or valuing in deliberately attracting people from diverse experiences and culture? Why have our fears kept us from seeing the richness in many cultures in our country and around the world?

Passages such as John 4, Acts 6:1 and 10:1-48 are classes we hope are more electives than required courses. Jesus is totally inclusive of everyone partly because he loves everyone but also because he knows the value in diversity. Not to get weird about it but just think of how boring it would be to go to a zoo and all there was to look at were zebras.

Don’t settle for the easiness of having everyone basically be the same in where they live, similar employment, kind of cars they drive; but relish the challenge when the guy holding the “anything helps” sign, the man with the multi colored tattoos, the sharp dressed business man or woman shows up at your home Bible study or church. So much to learn…

WHAT THIS MEANS: How could you begin to really make a close friendship with someone totally different than you? Why wouldn’t you be excited to have them over for dinner? Hang out at one of the coffee shops you have always said “I will never go in there.”

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