Everyone is Qualified

Posted: January 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hospitality expresses as much as anything that we accept, value and love people.

We don’t often think of hospitality as a spiritual gift, maybe because it’s something everyone is qualified to be hospitable. It’s not reserved for the outgoing personality types because it’s too valuable as a way of life God uses to draw people to himself. It expresses the value God places on every gift.

Hospitality says “I want you in my life” and touches something deep in each of us that longs for connection with others. It eliminates class or monetary distinctions our culture places on us. This is one of the most practical aspects of the gospel.

Romans 12:13 challenges us to practice hospitality. God is always looking for people who have learned this aspect of his heart and allow God to intersect their lives with unexpected opportunities to reveal his heart to those searching for a safe place.

Jesus experienced the opposite in the opportunity that his people had seen in John 1:11. Do people feel welcomed into your presence? Take a look at John 3:17 along these lines.

Hospitality often comes at inconvenient times but our practicing it during these times only further allows God to impact a life. 1 Peter 4:9 describes the attitude God expects as we invite people into our life. “No grumbling” is replaced with “Unexplainable joy” as we open our heart to others.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Ask God to search your heart and tell you whether he sees a hospitable heart in you.  Don’t let satan be the thief who steals the joy you will experience in welcoming others into your life.

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