Political Ghosts: Trust raises the probability that people will pay more attention to your message.

Posted: January 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

We are at the beginning of a political cycle where all kinds of crazy claims, promises and lies told by would be presidents, senators or whatever’s invade out lives through the media. But when was the last time you took a trip, had lunch with or went to a ball game with one of these making these claims?  There is simply no way to get to the truth of who these people are without spending time with them in ordinary life events. And, without up close examination of their lives, trust is hardly going to make an appearance in your vocabulary as you describe your reasoning to vote for them.

Titus 2:10 focuses our attention on what makes our sharing about Jesus and God’s unique and completely satisfying truth attractive to an unbelieving and confused world. Being a believer who is trustworthy is more qualified to share the benefits of following Jesus and that God can be believed.

As you read this blog, the words may ring true to you and even compel you to believe what I just shared. But, if you spent time with me at Blue Sky Bagels where I am typing this, you would have a better evaluation of my behavior and whether you should trust what I am writing about. Trust has to be developed and strengthened through ongoing observation to see if words match behavior.

WHAT THIS MEANS: As you and I try to influence others to consider Jesus or even follow him, others’ willingness to consider this will either be enhanced or destroyed through time with us. Trust must be given the right stage in order for us to decide if the message is worthy of believing.






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