Are we on the Right Street? Mystery is interesting until it challenges everything you believe.

Posted: January 30, 2016 in challenges, Mystery, Uncategorized

Walking through the narrow streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand can be exciting but also challenging as well as scary when you realize you have no idea where you are and, who you are going to ask where you are. Who can you believe and what can you believe when someone points you in a direction and maybe says “go that way?”

Life can get interesting real fast and become a confusing mystery when it comes up against something you thought you completely understood. Hebrews 13:8 encourages us to believe that Jesus isn’t going to change the map on us when we need direction in life. I mean, he’s always the same. Who he is and his love for us never does change, but if we’re to grow as a follower of Jesus, we better get ready to live with some things that perplex us on our trip.

For our faith to become stronger, we’ll have to go through some life events that will confuse us until we realize God is using this to further introduce us to who he is. Isaiah 55:8-9 in The Word on the Street is fun to read but do we really get it? “My thoughts are totally “other” compared to your thoughts. My methods are not in any of your manuals…” The mystery becomes magnetic, but it can draw us to God or cause us to get out of town now! It puts our faith on the witness stand.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Most of us like things to be clear and understandable but God often doesn’t work this way, especially when he wants us to go deeper in our relationship with him. How willing are you to live with wondering “what’s going on?” How do you know you have a faith that can take life without explanations from God?


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