Trash Talk. There is one game we are certain to lose if we play it with God.

Posted: February 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

In the “game” of life, we are certain to lose with God when we choose a game of talking a good line, but never backing it up with a lifestyle that validates God’s “game rules.”

Matthew 7:21-23 should not be a scary verse unless we are making our own rules. It should make us pause and think about how serious this “game” really is. Another challenging rule God has is Luke 9:23. We can easily violate this one by trying to talk God into looking at how much more we do what he says than someone else. Just for fun, check out John 14:15 and 23.

Why do we play these kinds of games with God? Why do we think that talking a good line is going to register as practicing what we talk about? Out math is wrong! Saying we believe something but not doing what we say we believe has serious consequences. Maybe we don’t really believe God means what he says. Or, maybe we think he will take into consideration that we are doing more than most.

We all know how we feel when a friend, another employee or a neighbor promises one thing but doesn’t follow through. Losing this game with God has far greater implications not only for our happiness here, but also later when we have a “face to face” conversation with him.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Before you and I promise something to God, we better make sure we intend to do it. Think about how your relationships have been hurt when someone tells you one thing but does another. How can you make progress with this?

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