I Can’t Hear You. Sometimes something gets ruined or changed and life is different forever.

Posted: February 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

It happened a week ago. Having a conversation in Hyde Perk Coffee Shop, I couldn’t hear Teddy and it wasn’t that there was music playing and many in the shop talking. I could not hear out of one ear. My first thought was “ministry is over now because I can’t hear anymore. I thought to myself “everyone knows that you can’t have a serious conversation without coffee, so now what?” Fortunately, I had 73 years of wax that had built up in one ear that was easily dealt with. Ministry is back on!

But what if? This is a question we don’t like to ask or think about. It was not spoken casually or inconsistently as Jesus startled the crowd and the 12 men hanging with him by speaking the words in John 6:53-58. Verse 60 reveals not only what the 12 were thinking and discussing, but also what all of us come to in the quest of following Jesus.Verse 66 shows that most of those present that day, got it and grabbed  their stuff and took off.

The disciples knew that to agree with Jesus on this one meant life would never be the same if they really believed and acted on this. Jesus’ words often have a way of terrifying us as we wrestle with what might happen if we really believed him.

WHAT THIS MEANS: As you and I follow Jesus, we should expect that there will be times we are confronted with something he says that will alter how we live if we really believe it and act on it.

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